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Vanilla Dream Cookies

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Vanilla Dream Cookies

Welcome to a world of deliciousness with our award-winning Vanilla Dream Cookies! This unique cookie is crisp and airy, and will melt in your mouth with every bite. The secret weapon is our European leavener that helps to rise the batter which also creates tiny holes throughout the cookie that gives it added character. Not only are these cookies a treat for your taste buds, they’ll make you look like quite the host or hostess - perfect for any occasion, from last minute guests to impressing a new neighbor. Serve them alone or as part of a dessert platter and watch as everyone savors in their sweetness. The tasty Vanilla Dream Cookies are guaranteed to be the highlight of any gathering!

  • 8 cookies/box
  •  3.4 oz 
  •  2.8 in x 2.8 in x 5.3 in 
  •  Non-GMO certified, Kosher certified