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Strata Necklace

Strata Necklace

Introducing the Strata Necklace - a one-of-a-kind wearable art that marries style and function. This stunning piece of jewelry will take you to new heights with its balanced combination of earthy elements and color pops that'll surely draw admiring eyes.

Combining various layers of root and earth, our Strata Necklace captures an extraordinary look that is truly special. Its design features deep layers of painted resin for texture and dimension, creating a bold fashion statement seamlessly blended with the unique slice of polished amethyst with jasper at the center. With this necklace, you’ll bring life and warmth to any ensemble.

Our Strata Necklace pays homage to natural beauty like no other piece could. Get ready to stand out from the crowd – this is one gem you won't be wanting to take off! Invest in something special today.

  • Each design varies slightly. 
  • About 2" x 1"pendant  
  • 20" gunmetal chain.