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Starry Night Glow in the Dark Stickers

Starry Night Glow in the Dark Stickers

Turn your space into a nighttime wonderland with our Starry Night Glow in the Dark Stickers! 

  • 48 stickers per pack
  • Package Size: 3.8” x 11”
  •  For best results, stick Gloplay decals in a location where they will be exposed to bright lights when lights are on. 
  •  Full charge after 10mins of light exposure (with sunlight) / 30mins with room lights only 
  • Stickers can be applied to any surface whether it’s flat, bumpy, paper, cloth or wood…However, depending on the material, the wallpaper or paint may be affected when peeling off the sticker, so we recommend performing a sticking test on a small adhesive surface. When you remove the stickers from their surface, gently peel them to avoid any lasting effects.