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Sage Leaf Soy Candle

Sage Leaf Soy Candle

Introducing the Sage Leaf Soy Candle. Let its tranquil fragrance fill your home with that perfect balance of cleansing freshness and a hint of luxury. The carefully crafted combination of natural clary sage and light mineral notes of sea salt create a clean, pure aroma that will make you feel at ease in any room. It's perfect for both casual days and special occasions!

The glossy packaging of the Sage Leaf Soy Candle screams luxurious vibes, making it the ultimate addition to spruce up your home décor. With its modern minimalist design, it'll blend in seamlessly with any decorative style - from Scandi vibes to boho chic, this candle is truly a versatile piece. 

When you light this candle, you'll be immediately comforted by the calming aroma and ensure that peace is restored to your home - offering a welcome relief when needed. Give yourself permission to take a break and immerse yourself in the inviting aromas around you as this sustainable soy wax burns cleaner and longer than any traditional candles.

Welcome fresh air into your space with the Sage Leaf Soy Candle - no matter what mood you're in, its relaxing scent will help bring clarity and balance into your life while providing exquisite relaxation experiences throughout the day!

NOTES: Natural cleansing scent composed of clary sage and light mineral notes of sea salt. Perfect for clearing the air and welcoming new beginnings. 

Tin: 4 oz // 25 hour burn time

Jar: 8 oz // 60 hour burn time