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Prairie Blue Six Piece Taper Set

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Prairie Blue Six Piece Taper Set

Introducing the most luxurious taper set on the market - the Prairie Blue Six Piece Taper Set. This stunning set of taper candles will instantly elevate your décor with its beautiful aesthetic. Boasting a sleek paper wrap and elegant label, this set is designed to impress!

This set of six scented-free European style tapers is sure to bring natural beauty and sophistication to your home décor. With its premium quality wax, this set will burn exceptionally long when compared to ordinary tapers, delivering a luxury experience that lasts. With no added fragrances, these crafted tapers are sure to bring a bit of elegance and style to every space they’re used in. Perfect for wedding ceremonies, holiday parties, church events or any other special occasion, these exquisite tapers will help create lasting memories.

  • Each taper candle burns 13 hours
  • Contains 6 Tapers
  • 7/8in x 7/8in x 12in
  • Fits 7/8in (Standard) Holders