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Poet at Heart Perfume

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Poet at Heart Perfume

Fragrance Notes 

Rosehip & Lavender

Notes  of serene Lavender grounded by earthy Rosehip find the harmony between  subtly sweet & woody botanicals. A calming, clean scent inspired by  moments of head in the clouds, feet on the ground musings for the poet at heart.


With  eloquently crafted notes evocative of traversing faraway cities &  soul-nourishing escapes, this fragrance collection tells a compelling  olfactory story through captivating blends of aromatic botanicals. Each  scent is masterfully balanced with harmonious notes. New adventures lie  just beyond the horizon—where will your story begin?

Design Details

Past meets present with a blend of  antique script and modern motifs. Unwind the vintage-inspired  string-and-tie closure to unveil a sleek pattern and a refined fragrance  bottle tucked inside the book-like keepsake box—a reminder that scents  are as distinctive as a personal story. 

 Dimensions and Fill Weight

Box: 4.5" W x 7" H

Bottle: 2.25" W x 3-9/16" H

1.69 fl oz / 50 ml