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Poet at Heart Bubble Bath

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Poet at Heart Bubble Bath

Fragrance Notes 

Rosehip & Lavender

Notes  of serene Lavender grounded by earthy Rosehip find the harmony between  subtly sweet & woody botanicals. A calming, clean scent inspired by  moments of head in the clouds, feet on the ground musings for the poet  at heart. 


Pour yourself  some luxury. Envelop your senses as you immerse yourself in a  transformative blend of natural oils infused with refined fragrances to  uplift, relax or awaken body & mind, leaving skin comforted for  smooth sailing wherever the breeze takes you.

Design Details

Gaze into this classic bottle for a  glimpse into the past: its transparent glass reveals handwritten  passages from antique books. Sophisticated and timeless, this keepsake  piece—topped with a hand-tied waxed cord and an aluminum cap—makes a  statement long after the last luxurious soak.

 Key Ingredients 

Macadamia Nut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Olive Oil


3.75" Dia x 8.875" H 

Fill Weight

33.8 fl oz / 1000 ml