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Peak Extra Large Square Ice Cube Tray | Blue

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Peak Extra Large Square Ice Cube Tray | Blue

The Peak Extra-Large Square Ice Cube Tray is the perfect way to add extra chill and sophistication to your favorite stiff drinks. Craft four perfectly crystal-clear 2.25 inch cubes that slowly melt and provide a sophisticated look for any type of beverage. You don't even have to struggle with trying to remove individual cubes – simply pop out a single cube at a time without having to twist or break the tray. But this ice cube tray isn't just meant for drinks. You can also use it to save milk, broths and other ingredients that need extending their shelf life, or freeze homemade baby food in the perfect portion sizes. With its non-stick silicone material, you can trust that your goods will come out easy while making sure that everything is kept fresh and preserved longer. Enjoy slow cooling perfection with the Peak Extra Large Square Ice Cube Tray today!

  •  Dimensions 6.4" l x 6.4" w x 2.4" h