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LAFCO Absolute Luxury Candle | Clary Sage

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LAFCO Absolute Luxury Candle | Clary Sage

 Clary sage absolute (Salvia sclarea) is extracted from sage flowers grown in the region of Provence, France. Harvested during flowering in August, this powerful aromatic is utterly distinctive: both sweet and bitter, laced with unique tobacco notes not found in any other perfume oil. 

The potent aroma of our Clary Sage Absolute fragrance blends herbaceous sage with chamomile and red currant. Earthy galbanum and cyclamen are enlivened with a touch of spice, while notes of cedarwood, orris and a touch of oud add a warm intensity. 

Top Notes: 

  • Clary Sage Absolute
  • Chamomile 

Mid Notes: 

  • Iris
  • Galbanum, Cyclamen 

Base Notes: 

  • Cedarwood
  • Guaiac Wood
  • Oud 

 Each glass vessel in the Absolute Collection is a work of art, handblown by master craftsmen using time-honored techniques at Glassworks Harrachov, the oldest glassblowing studio in Bohemia, established in 1712.  Glassworks Harrachov remains one of the last traditional producers of luxury glassware and decorative glass in Europe.