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Just A Spritz

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Just A Spritz

 Step aside, rosé. A more refreshing drink is here, in a bubbling array  of colors and flavors. The iconic Italian export, the Aperol spritz,  with its classic (and simple) makeup of fizzy prosecco, sparkling water,  and a splash of the bittersweet, citrus-flavored liqueur, is just the  beginning. 

In Just a Spritz, author Danielle Centoni shares an  inspired world of spritz variations. Add in sweet liqueurs and bitter  amari, fresh juices, flavored kombuchas, and drinking vinegars to update  the sparkling spritz.

A spritz is quick to assemble and does not  require a stocked pantry—its beauty is in its simplicity. Here there are  more than 50 recipes (and numerous variations) organized by flavor  profile and theme, including the Raspberry Beret, the Margarita Spritz,  and the Cucumberbatch, as well as nonalcoholic spritz drinks.  

 Whatever the craving—from a sweet peach and honeyed spritz to a slightly  bitter and citrusy Cappelletti Shandy—there’s a recipe to satisfy every  thirst, along with colorful photos to inspire.