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Grey Open Knit Blanket

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Grey Open Knit Blanket

Introducing the luxurious Grey Open Knit Blanket – a blanket of superior quality, made with premium cotton. This beautiful open knit leaf design blanket is the perfect addition to any nursery, providing breathability as well as warmth. With its fashionable aesthetic and top-notch craftsmanship, this blanket will become a necessity that both you and baby can’t do without! 

Parents know how important it is to provide only the highest quality environment for their babies, and this Grey Open Knit Blanket does exactly that. From its soft, plush texture to its classic leaf motif design, this lightweight blanket offers unbeatable coverage and comfort for newborns or infants making snuggling easy. 

Designed to last, the durable material is constructed from 100% cotton ensuring lasting use for years to come. Get your hands on the ultimate soft snuggling surface for crib or stroller rides; choose the best for your little one –The Grey Open Knit Blanket!

  • Sized 35"X47"
  • Made of 100% cotton. 
  • Machine wash and tumble dry low.