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Curated Gifts That Create Core Memories

At Perch Home we’re on a mission to match as many people with the perfect gift box through meaningful gift giving.

We’re experts in giving (and opening) gifts, which means there’s no room for the typical boring branded swag bags. With our help, your clients, coworkers, and employees will light up when they open a meaningful and thoughtful gift from you. One they’ll remember for years to come.

Ready to Ship 

Leave everything to us! Choose a curated themed gift box and we’ll add a handwritten note on your behalf. Your gift will ship the next day.


Great for corporate gifting! First choose a themed gift box from our Ready to Ship selection. Then add a few personal touches, including a customized band around the box. The band can be personalized with your brand font, logo, and colors. Your gift(s) will ship in 5-7 business days. We'll ask for your preferred customizations at checkout.

Fully Custom

Our custom gift boxes offer an extra personal (and hands-on) touch, whether you want to create 10 gift boxes or 1,000! We’ll work with you to create fully customized and curated gift boxes, including the theme, gifts, color of the box, and embellishments (scent, box filler, tags, bands, etc.). 

Kitchen Essentials

Relax and Restore Gift Box

Birthday in a Box

Meaningful Gifts, In Closeup 

A peek at some of the special gifts that can be found inside our boxes. 

The Best Gift (For Us) Is Great Feedback

Meet our CEO, Michele Bessey, and get a behind-the-scenes look at why we love what we do. Plus, a peek at how we assembled 4,000 gift boxes with the same level of attention and care that we give a single gift box!

Questions? Comments? Gift advice?

Partner with one of our customer care specialists for one-on-one gifting guidance.

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Meaningful Gift Giving by Perch Home

Custom Gifting