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Addition Kitchen Tea Towel

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Addition Kitchen Tea Towel

Treat your kitchen to a touch of elegance with the Addition Kitchen Tea Towel. There's something special about preparing a meal in your own home, and this luxurious towel elevates the experience even further. Its unique geometric pattern adds class and creativity to any kitchen setting, while its use of recycled plastic bottles make it both sustainably friendly and socially conscious.

This high-quality kitchen accessory is made from only the finest materials, providing an extra layer of softness and comfort when handling delicate dishes or wiping up spills. Thanks to its durable construction, you can expect lasting performance in the most demanding environments - yet all with a luxurious feel. For those times when guests are over for dinner, this tea towel exudes modern sophistication to match any entertaining occasion.

When it comes to hosting with style and taste, reach for the Addition Kitchen Tea Towel and make every gathering as memorable as possible.

  •  18" x 30"
  • Each towel is made from 3.5 recycled plastic bottles.
  •  The tightly woven Geoweave™ fabric results  in an increased drying and cleaning surface area that is perfectly soft  and powerfully effective when taking care of spills, drying dishes, or  wiping down countertops, all without scratching. 
  •  The absorbency of each towel's premium microfiber is hard to beat, absorbing nearly 7X its weight in liquid.